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29. Oktober 2015

European Salaries for IT

During 2015 Advanced Information Research analyzed the European IT salaries for Data Centers.
The numbers show very impressive the success of the EU enlargement. Even AI Analysts were impressed by the fast progress of the salaries of the eastern countries. If the adapting speed of the last 10 years remains for the next 10 years a Romanian IT expert will reach German salaries. And might even exceed East German salaries! When you drive from Timisoara airport to the industrial estate you can see lots of big advertising posters crying for IT experts.
A clear sign for the salaries trend we have to expect.

Not astonishing already today the strategic planning's affected by those expectations. We saw 2015 the first Data Center consolidation plans seeing East Germany as more suitable location than East Europe for modern Data Centers. The best cost country strategy within Europe is going into its closing phase.

graphic european salaries

Usually current strategic planning does consider the period 2015 to 2020 or even 2025. And usually one does not build a Data Center for less than five years. Maybe you plan to use them for more than 20 years. So it is very likely that the cost disadvantage of Germany might disappear.

Other criteria's like the German cloud, it security, data protection or even IT efficiency are much more driving the strategic decisions. Our world changes fast. Doctrines and beliefs are outdated faster than ever before. Would you like to keep up and learn alone or will you buy in information?

The shown numbers are based on project data and statistic data as well.
Advanced Information performs IT optimization projects and measures also the IT salaries within big organizations like global enterprises or governments.