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Specialist in design and optimization of Demand IT

On the basis of Best Practices and a solid benchmark database, we are able to set-up or optimize Demand IT for you.

Demand IT Management / Requirement Management

Set-up Demand IT management processes within 8 weeks for the improvement of IT effectiveness.

Here, business contacts are identified, the rate of innovation is increased and made measurable. A 30% improvement in IT efficiency is common.

Best Practice Demand IT increases the capacity for innovation as well as increasing the value of IT to your business success. It considerably reduces the number of unsuccessful projects.

Demand IT

Service Catalogue

Creation of the IT infrastructure's Service Catalogue (ITIL V3.1 compliant), including comparing three modules of the critical SLA every 7 weeks as a basis for IT documentation.

The Service Catalogue provides transparency and forms an important basis for increasing the potential for IT efficiency (market average: 30% reserve).

A customized Best Practice IT Service Catalogue in line with demand optimizes IT usage and industrializes IT production.

Demand IT Challenges:

  • Is IT Governance state-of-the-art?
    The theme is just now being professionalized - Best Practice is being delayed quarter by quarter
    • What does the optimal control mechanism for Service Providers look like?
      1. Does Governance match corporate culture and requirements?
      2. Are Retained Functions adequately defined? Are they market conform?
      3. What detail of reporting is needed?

  • Is Service Management economically and technically complete and set-up in accordance with the requirements?
    • What does a competitive product / service portfolio look like to an IT Service Provider?
      1. What are state-of-the-art service descriptions?
        More or less detail?
        What details?
        What is reasonable?
        What do others do and why?
      2. Which SLAs are being requested by the customer or are market practice?
  • What changes in the market affect IT procurement?
    • Is hardware and software procurement optimized? How volatile are the prices this year by segment?
    • What is optimized license management?
    • How do you combine centralized management with decentralized decision making? How do other companies solve the problem?
    • What purchasing conditions are possible this year? How can they be implemented?
    • Which negotiating strategies work for which supplier?
  • What is Best Practice IT Vendor Management?
    • Does the selection of suppliers match requirements specification?
    • What if only 5 of 31 suppliers can be invited to bid? Must every company evaluate this itself?
    • What do the Indians and Chinese know? Can this be taken seriously?
    • Is the best WAN supplier also the best supplier for LAN operations? What's the experience of others?
  • What should be considered by Sourcing?
    • What are the possibilities for nearshoring and offshoring?
    • What changes can we expect? How does Romania change after joining the EU?
    • How do other companies handle this in their multi-annual planning?
    • What other considerations are there besides cost?
    • Do Western European countries have enough graduates to man all departments?