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AI Advanced Information is focused on optimizing IT and Telecommunication including Demand IT by a combination of RfP Development, Benchmarking, Research and Consulting.

Our clients benefit from the innovative and market leading work methodology. In both analyses and realization, AI's clients can be assured of sustainable Best Practices development. AI clients achieve approximately 25% better price/performance ratios than the market average.

Solutions from AI transform Run-the-Shop-Budgets into Innovation Budgets. AI promotes the innovation of its clients, thereby increasing the value of IT to entrepreneurial success.

The combination of RfP Development, Benchmark Research and Consulting also allows the client to define multiple, small work packages and to award them to an external partner. This significantly shortens the project duration, in some cases by over 50%. What does faster, top-quality results and the resulting faster decision cycles mean to you?

Current Issues

Platform economy - Situation Report

Europe wants to - but cannot. The third and final wave of foundations is now essentially complete planet-wide.
How you can still participate.

Current research focus

Artificial Intelligence

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