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ICT Infrastructure

Today IT infrastructure should be attractively priced and yet flexible. It should be able to support a Cloud Solution or even be a Cloud Solution (IaaS = Infrastructure as a Service). IT infrastructure must not be a drain, and sometimes it should even be a business enabler.

AI provides a holistic approach to ICT infrastructure consulting, resulting in economic and technical optimization

  • From infrastructure over Demand IT to network design,
  • performance, quality and
  • complexity
  • as well as costs and prices.

AI Controlling Format

Infrastructure challenges

Cloud Readiness

  • Is the required end-to-end performance ensured?
  • Is the infrastructure sufficiently secure?
  • Are compliance requirements implemented?
  • Can the network support Cloud Solutions?

Supplier strategies. Multi Vendor vs. Single Source Strategy?

  • Selection of suitable manufacturers - Which manufacturer fits my requirements?

Where is my location in terms of

  • cost, quality and performance from the point of view of efficiency and effectiveness?

Technology issues

  • Thin or Thick Client? An important question even with Cloud Solutions
  • Everything capable, secure and compliant with Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)?
  • VoIP use? Resolve vendor-specific quality aspects
  • End-to-end performance

What does the optimal control mechanism for Service Providers look like?

  • Governance, Retained Functions,
    what reporting detail is needed?

What does a superior price model for a global infrastructure look like?
Global pricing?
Regional prices or even country specific pricing? What is the best way to optimize

Check the infrastructure service model of an IT Service Provider

  • Is the service level OK?
  • Is the market segmentation suitable?
  • What does a sustainable pricing model look like?