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Task: Economic and technical optimization of the carrier services of the global IT network;
Objectives: significant reduction of costs as a contribution to the overall bank program, modernization of technology and improvement of performance, reduction of the number of suppliers and harmonization of contracts.

Instruments used: Consulting: Infrastructure audit; RfP development for IT networks and consulting on the IT network (technology, performance, quality and prices) and demand IT area (contracts, pricing models and processes).

Result: Budgets were reduced by 40 to 65% depending on the lot (countries or subnetworks) (average 50%). These are net savings after deduction of transformation costs. The network was modernized, the number of suppliers was reduced, and contracts were harmonized.

Task: Audit the Cloud Readiness of the IT infrastructure;
preparation for a major Cloud Sourcing of office applications

Instruments used: Consulting: Infrastructure audit; infrastructure end-to-end measurements

Result: 42 recommended actions to prepare for Cloud Readiness. Optimizing infrastructure quality. Avoiding an unnecessary investment of €30 million. Improved configurations. Postpone Cloud Sourcing by 6 months

Task: Screening of the telecommunications market for selected products in order to support the Service Provider's further development of products and services.

Instruments used: Research and Price Benchmark

Result: Greater transparency of the telecommunications market, improved cost structure and price positioning ⇒ reduce costs, increase the Service Provider's turnover and profits.

Task: Set-up a Service Provider's Pricing Centre

Instruments used: Combined use of Consulting, Research, Benchmark and RfP Development. Focus on Pricing Structure

Result: Centralized Pricing Centre results in 8% higher turnover with the same sales volume (+ €80 million profit to €1 billion turnover) through better differentiation of prices and products.

Task: Optimizing ICT Infrastructure

Instruments used: Benchmark - Cost Benchmark

Result: After efficiency (-20%) and productivity (-20%) optimization , the "Run IT Budget" was reduced by 40%. Improvement of the quality of services. More resources for new projects (innovations)

Task: Optimizing a manufacturer's roadmap

Instruments used: Combination of Research (customer requirements) and Consulting

Result: A market oriented change in the development sequence of products. ⇒ A few months later a €30 million tender was won, which would not have been possible without the altered development sequence (missing product). An example of the turnover and profit enhancing effect of the project.

Task: Setting up a functioning Demand IT

Instruments used: Consulting - Demand IT

Result: Reorganization of the control processes. Improved documentation and IT transparency ⇒ better decision support for the management, improved performance and quality of IT. Reducing IT costs by 30%. The released resources are available for new projects (innovation).

Task: Optimization of Demand IT

Instruments used: Cost Benchmarks

Result: Optimizing the processes. Cost reduction of 25% in the processes studied. Resources are now available for new projects (innovation).

Task: Improve IT performance.
Reduce end users waiting time. As no cause were found in the applications, the infrastructure needed to be checked.

Instruments used: Consulting - infrastructure audit with infrastructure measurements

Result: Over 30 individual measures were identified to improve the infrastructure performance. No more end user waiting time caused by IT.

Task: Solve performance problems in the desktop area.
The company lost about 1,900 man-years (3% of annual output) of annual production through performance problems (damage to the business side: about 10% less new business).

Instruments used: Consulting: Infrastructure Performance Measurement

Result: Performance problems solved. Restored productivity. 10% more new customers.

Task: IT Security Audit

Instruments used: Consulting: IT Security Audit, AI as a subcontractor in a larger project; lead by TOP 10 consulting firm

Result: Numerous security vulnerability were discovered. The overall project initiated about 300 measures to solve the security problems.

Task: IT Security Penetration Test

Instruments used: Consulting: IT Security Audit

Result: After three days Group security was breached and the target data encrypted. An above average company security level. For other clients it took just two days. 34 recommended actions to address security vulnerabilities.

Task: Optimize WAN contracts

Instruments used: Benchmark - Price Benchmark

Result: Reduction of prices for smaller bandwidths by ~ 20% and for high bandwidth by ~ 50%; improvement in the documentation (specifications and SLA); adaptation of purchased capacity to business requirements (-30% bandwidth).

Task: Auditing the network for sustainability

Instruments used: Consulting - Network Audit

Result: Millions in investments could be avoided through better configuration instead of more devices. A total of 40 individual measures were presented that were needed to get the network ready for future needs. Network performance was improved.

Task: Optimizing voice communication

Instruments used: RfP Development, Consulting - Infrastructure Design

Result: Rather than raising a tender for the old technology, the tender was changed in accordance with the requirements for Voice over IP and then publicized. In the field of voice communication a consolidation of 35 separate contracts into one Service Provider Contract resulted in a 90% savings in IT controlling. The cost of operational voice communications have been cut by 50% with approximately 20% more performance.

Task: Optimizing a voice and data network

Instruments used: Benchmark - combined with Price and Cost Benchmark

Result: After optimizing efficiency (50%) and productivity (30%), the annual budget of ~ €300 million was reduced to ~ €100 million (-67%). Improvement of the quality of services. The released resources are available for new projects (innovation).

Task: Emergency response due to network failure.
Category: Existential threat to the company: The company was completely paralysed worldwide (all company functions including production and sales). Since the stoppage had already occurred the day before, the company's liquidity would only last for 48h.

Instruments used: Consulting: Network measurement, network design

Result: The network was brought on-line before all cash reserves were used. A team was on-site within 4h. After 6 hours a solution was demonstrated. In another 12h the Service Provider was ready to implement the recommended actions. Total time to reach a solution: 22h.

Task: Optimizing SAP

Instruments used: Benchmark and Consulting - a combination of Price and Cost Benchmark with performance tuning including SAP performance measurements. The project was carried out with AI and partner resources.

Result: Cost reduction of 50%. Breakdown: Price optimization 10% (efficiency), budget savings through performance optimization 40% (productivity). Improved performance of the SAP environment. The released resources are available for new projects (innovation).