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7 March 2012

Trend: Information Security

2011 was uncomfortable for many CIOs and 2012 threatens worse to come. In addition to performance issues, security has become an increasingly important topic. No mater whether Cloud, outsourcing solutions or in-house operations. Experts estimate that in 2011 approximately one in three German companies paid money to be able to regain access to their own data. Security has now become a calculable business case. Nobody speaks about this. Very embarrassing.

According to well informed sources, in 2011 Volkswagen invested €300 million in a Group audit and a variety of security measures to insure that this would not happen to them. Here they followed the example of Mannesmann. An example every company should follow. On the other hand, the ensuing follow-up already consumes a significant proportion of Germany's audit resources. The daily rates are high (> €1,600 / day) and experts are in short supply.

It will take 10 to 15 years to train a new generation and for them to reach the level of senior experts. Experts estimate that in China alone 30,000 people are available to search the Internet for valuable company information and networked German companies are also in their sights.