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14. June 2017

Digitalization - Build the Future

AI Advanced Information designs digitalization in the heart of Europe's digitalization valley in southern Hesse, it is easy to identify upcoming trends.

The initiatives of our clients are mostly largely secret. Digitalization is usually affecting the Business Modell. Currently we are designing for our client a concept for Europe's future identity management (implementation of EUs GDPR) with user platform and payment. The race is ongoing!

graphic Digitalisierung

The Membership, including being member of the board, of House of IT arised the opportunity to participate and create during workshops and interviews the conceptual design of the digital agenda of the state Hesse .

Many elements are now found in the digital agenda of the state of Baden-Württemberg which is seen as compliment and as acknowledgment of quality.

The achievements of the digital strategy of Hessen are numerous. Samples are the FinTech Center TechQuartier the Digitale Hub Fintech Frankfurt and the Security Hub Darmstadt Hubs. Advanced Information's classical business of economic and technical optimization of IT in large organizations represents an optimal fundament for digitalization. About 50% of the 1,000 largest companies in Europe and the USA have been seen by the AI team within the last 15 years. This experience is documented in the generic IT model AI-Con-Form.

graphic Fundeament

We are particularly pleased about the reward of joint efforts for the city of Darmstadt, which won the Bitkom competition Digitale Stadt.

Now the work begins! We will contribute to the digitalization of the city of Darmstadt. We will contribute our conceptual strength and knowledge from 11 years experience of Advanced Information of complex IT architectures and organizations as well as our knowledge in the field of fiscal science (organization and financing of the state).