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Unique Combination Methodology

The individual requirements of AI clients can be addressed by optimizing the interplay of four instruments that complement each other just as in an orchestra. Only AI is capable of providing the combination and integration of these four perspectives:

  • Data from the latest ICT service offerings (RfPs)
  • Best Practice from benchmarks run in the last 12 months
  • Future-oriented and focused research results
  • Best-in-Class practical consulting experience

optimum holistic information tailored to the goals of the client in order to make it usable.

Multiple Instruments Model

To ensure the high quality of the results as well as comparability and high standards, AI solution models were developed that support the use of multiple perspectives.

Even on the technical level, implementation is accomplished without interrupting the system. The instruments used create added value for each other as well as for the client.

Best-in-Class Information Source

Both the methodology - four instruments - as well as the experts with their regular contact to Best in Performance companies secures the unique quality and timeliness of information.

Information is used that comes from know how derived from contacts and communication with IT and network managers of 200 major European companies. AI experts have already worked for and are personally known by more than 50% of these leading companies.

Quattro-Protection Decision Base

The AI quality assurance method leads to accurate, future-proof and yet customized solutions secured by four perspectives. The results are clear and understandable.

The basis for decision making developed by AI minimizes the client's business risks and are an essential part of risk management.