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Consulting Page

Advanced Information's advice is fully oriented towards the needs and objectives of our clients.

AI Consulting provides on-site project resources for clients from concept to implementation.

Development of customized solutions and innovations – Time and efficiency gains through the use of AI indicators.


Process Optimization

On request of the client, AI Consulting can implement benchmark recommendations.

Activities: manage - govern - control - optimize

  • Provision of human resources and know-how
  • Supporting negotiations with facts
  • Implementation of processes
  • Creating innovative concepts


  • Is internal cost allocation (CA) optimal? Is CA transparent, based on causation and goal compliant?
  • Does it support the structure of the controlling benchmarks and purchasing needs in an optimal manner?
  • Is the service management state-of-the-art? From performance specification of service level definitions to Business Alignment
  • Is the software budget in line with the market and are the requirements appropriate? Is license management optimized?
  • Are IT controlling processes (Demand IT) Best Practice?
    Are there employees who receive more than 70 emails per day?
  • Is there end-to-end architecture planning?
  • Is end-to-end IT performance guaranteed?

Customer benefits:

  • Quick results at a Best Practice level
  • Transparency
  • Transfer of know-how through the integration of AI services with the client's projects
  • High performance end-to-end IT