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RfP Development Page

RfP Development optimized from Solution Design through the entire production oriented purchasing process and up to the introduction phase.

Optimize now!
Why wait for a benchmark to learn what you should have done?

AI captures the client's business requirements and develops a marketable and customized Solution Design for the client.

AI compares the profiles of the suppliers with the business requirements of the clients, ensuring optimum selection of bidders.

The technical specifications are guided by the Service Catalogue taken from the benchmark (using the Advanced Information Controlling Format), ensuring that the bids can be compared.

AI consultants have negotiated contracts in an international environment of up to €2 billion (over 3 years).

Relevant Issues:

  • Basic technological requirements
  • Economic conditions
  • Control of the Service Provider
  • Pricing models


  • Is a Best Practice Retained Organization guaranteed?
  • Are relevant processes such as Best Practice billing defined?
  • Are business requirements coordinated and able to be implemented?
    Is the purchasing motto: "Buy only what you need" fulfilled?
  • Which Price Model should be prescribed? Does this fit with the accounting of services?
  • Matching the supplier profile with the requirements of the customers?
  • Are all compliance requirements met?
    Is there an objective and comprehensible evaluation catalogue?
  • Does the bid allow sufficiently flexible actions in light of future developments or the price situation over the term of the contract?
  • Are the arguments for negotiations prepared (line of evidence)?

Public sector bids pursuant to the Ordinance Governing Contracts for Supplies and Services (VoL) are prepared by our competent graduate economists.

Customer benefits:

  • Optimized bidding process using the highest quality benefits taken from Best Practice experiences
  • Holistic support: technical and economic point of view - from technical design to the pricing model
  • Clear definition of a Best Practice Retained Organization; taken from AI's Demand IT experience with its process requirements - ensuring the ability to benchmark
  • AI knows the best prices in the market